Business Resources Pakistan

Business Resources Pakistan (BRP) is established since 2008 with the aim to achieve the premier manufacturing & trading standards as well as delivering the superior quality of Himalayan Salt Lamps and Salt Handicrafts.

BRP network members are skilled with determination, enthusiasm, confident and capable professionals in their respective field of specialization. Company use continues improvement strategy for the customer satisfaction with proactive and customer oriented approach. Company will achieve its anticipated level of objectives where company’s goodwill will be used as industry bench mark.

Company is offering all rang of quality Himalayan Natural Salt and Handicrafts product at competitive prices with quality customer services. Product range Natural Salt Lamps, Giant Natural Salt Lamps, Geometrical Lamps, Flora/Curves Lamps, Fire Bowls, Baskets, Rare Lamps, Hearts, Flowers, Leafs, Tress, Aroma, Candle Holders, Animal Licks, Salt Bricks and USB Salt Lamps. Company have capacity to supply 4 to 6 containers 20’ FCL depending on the product.

Soothing glow and outstanding shapes of Himalayan Salt Lamps will enhance the décor of any room. These Lamps can be use anywhere in house, room, washroom and offices. Himalayan Salt Lamps help to purify the air by emitting negative ions and improve the metal alertness. Himalayan Salt Lamps and Candle holders can be used near TVs, Laptops and in smoking area to improve the quality of air around there.

Our experience and skilled crafters can make customize designs as per customer needs. Just give drawings to us. Company will manufacture exactly Salt Lamps as you want it.

Our Values